Reiki and the medical community

Soft Alternative Reiki

Reiki is defined as an energy transmitted by the hands to a person near the practitioner.

Soft Alternative Reiki
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Reiki involves sending energy to the subject’s entire body, which will first experience a sense of well-being and second, relief from their ailments.

The practice of this discipline stimulates the activity of the nervous system of the patient, leading to a physical and mental balance which will subsequently allow the body to operate its self-healing mechanism.

The medical community is looking more and more at this alternative practicewhich has seen positive results for some people who suffered from chronic pain.

Health Careshares with you an article on this subject where the Center Universitaire from Vaudois (CHUV) has used thispractice to relieve the chronic pain of certain patients. An approach greatly appreciated for its smooth efficiency, as shown in the article available by clicking here.

Article sources: Sylvie Furrer (text) & Photostock (image)

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