Who are we?

Mary Allaria

“There is only one temple in the world: the human body.” cf Friedrich Von Hardenberg – Fragment – 1798

This perfect mechanism that follows us from birth to death, which is too often subject to tensions beyond comprehension, is most of the time ignored, forgotten.

I followed Gym class programs in my childhood and became an international dancer, I quickly experienced and understood all the incredible possibilities and pains of the body. I wanted to know how it works in its anatomical and biomechanical approach, especially in sports. This is how I discovered our 639 muscles and 206 bones, their locations and functions, during my training for the Brevet d´Etat Métiers de la Forme at the CREPS in Boulouris (83)!

After a career as an international dancer, fitness, bodybuilding and physical preparation coach, I had the desire to take care of the body as a whole, through massages and energy sessions, especially through Reiki of which I am certified, master therapist.


The temple of the human body contains this precious thing: the soul, the spirit, and to treat the body without bringing up soul is nonsense to me. My training at DMOKA with its creator Pascale Chavance, fits into this logic. The emotions and their traumas stay in our cells and disrupt, or even block, this meticulous mechanism of the human body.

This is my passion, I take care of the human body and its mind!


Our health care center

The birth of the Health Care center is the fruit of a long reflection drawing its deep origin from the reading of a major work of Boris Cyrulnik, renowned French neuropsychiatrist: “de Chaire et d’Ame” The chemical, biological, physiological body is not dissociable from the Soul.

From this simple but powerful idea, we wanted to bring together complementary skills in a single place, in order to offer you global, natural and effective solutions to deal with the various daily worries that affect us.

The Health Care center offers you a wellness area where you can enjoy relaxing massages (including an exceptional massage for pregnant women).

Trained in the technique of deprogramming by eye movements, the D.M.O.K.A technic, Mary is in charge of the treatment of all emotional shocks, unresolved.

At the same time, the Health Care center offers you the skills of two Naturopaths, certified by the International Naturopathic Training Institute of Sophia Antipolis (IFI).

Lauris and Murielle, passionate Naturopaths, offer innovative and effective techniques in nutrition, micro-nutrition, herbal medicine, gemmotherapy…

Murielle, Naturopath, nurse, is specially trained in early childhood (0 to 12 years old); she will be able to offer you gentle, natural solutions to answer the difficulties encountered by our children.

A complete team of skilled professionals, at the service of a single synergy: your physical and emotional well-being!


"What a joy to have the chance to spend a few hours in this magnificent Institute with very gentle and professional people. It took me 40 years to experience such a good massage! Again, a thousand times thank you"
Céline L.
"I did not know this technique with eye movements to allow deprogramming our brain. Immediately at the end of the session I felt lighter, better in my head and in my body. Thank you for this discovery"
Agnès G.
"Finally, I breathe! A pure moment of happiness from which you come out relieved. Just perfect"
Karine. C

Certifications and diplomas

Certification DMOKA
Certification Massage femme enceinte et latéral