Over and over again, the same “themes” appear when we approach the subject of nutrition.

We hear many things, everyone has its own opinion (the best of course), some have already read everything from “reliable” sources; some have tried everything and have gone back to step one. The same schema comes over and over again:

 “Ah, if we can’t eat anything then … or … if we have to be careful of everything it’s not possible …. Or …I will never be able to be careful every day”

In short, nutrition is a limitless universe where many people get lost between limited efforts and widespread disappointments.

But then, what is eating well?

At the Health Care center, we will teach you how to transform your desire for a change in lifestyle (because at the beginning it may be a desire of variable geometry), into a long-lasting achievement.

We will teach you how to create levels that you can rely on to “gradually” change your lifestyle.

Each person is different. The answer must be tailored to each individual. Also, you don’t have to listen to the advice of others. It’s like telling about childbirth: they are all different and not necessarily applicable to you.

Setting goals that you know you cannot achieve over time, even those that give results in the short term, is a common mistake.

You don’t need to try to run before you can walk. First come and learn about Quality Nutrition.

Set your own limits on what you are willing to accomplish and simply agree to “start” your own path.

Do not stop any food!

Just learn to respect the Acid-Base balance.


If you are not in a critical situation, a simple modulation of the foods you already eat will be useful at first …

 No need to impose more to yourself…

Be patient….

Pleasure above all ...

A basic principle should guide you: pleasure!!!! Eating in a balanced way should be (or should become for some) guided by the notion of gluttony, whether salty or sweet.

The Health Care center will help you understand which food you can possibly replace, how much to decrease or conversely how much to increase… But nothing will be stopped!

You will learn which combination of foods is best for your intimate comfort …

Of course, specific nutrition can be approached for people in distress, suffering from serious disorders, for children, athletes or for Seniors.

In short, forget about diets and say hello to the Adapted Diet for You!!!