Who are we?

Lauris Giacalone

There is a question that shapes part of our lives: why do we choose “such or such» profession or activity?

Each will have a personal response to provide according to their own path.

Many health professionals who have chosen the practice of so-called soft and alternative medicine have had the painful experience of situations of physical and moral distress beforehand, without finding a solution, or even its origin …

This was my story … Since my teenage period, chronic pain forced me to stop practicing my sport and ended up literally polluting my quality of life.

I was only offered solutions to reduce the manifestation of my troubles, but nothing to resolve the origin.

An Osteopath Naturopath then offered me a comprehensive care, according to my profile, my physiological field; because we are all different, even unique!

Still not aware of the importance of a pro-active lifestyle, I nevertheless decided to get started …It was decided, I wanted to get rid of these pains!!!!

After two months I was convinced; the troubles had disappeared, I had just realized that the solution was in me.

How is it possible to doubt about the impact of our diet, knowing that we eat, on the scale of an average life, more than 80,000 times…!!!

So, I trained at the International Training Institute in Naturopathy (IFI) in Sophia Antipolis, with the conviction of passing on the advice that had personally helped me before to overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable to me at the time.

If you are reading these lines, it means that you are also looking for a holistic hygienic approach, seeking to treat the cause of your problems and not just the expression of the disease.

Our health care center

The birth of the Health Care center is the fruit of a long reflection drawing its deep origin from the reading of a major work of Boris Cyrulnik, renowned French neuropsychiatrist: “de Chaire et d’Ame” The chemical, biological, physiological body is not dissociable from the Soul.

From this simple but powerful idea, we wanted to bring together complementary skills in a single place, in order to offer you global, natural and effective solutions to deal with the various daily worries that affect us.

The Health Care center offers you a wellness area where you can enjoy relaxing massages (including an exceptional massage for pregnant women).

Trained in the technique of deprogramming by eye movements, the D.M.O.K.A technic, Mary is in charge of the treatment of all emotional shocks, unresolved.

At the same time, the Health Care center offers you the skills of two Naturopaths, certified by the International Naturopathic Training Institute of Sophia Antipolis (IFI).

Lauris and Murielle, passionate Naturopaths, offer innovative and effective techniques in nutrition, micro-nutrition, herbal medicine, gemmotherapy…

Murielle, Naturopath, nurse, is specially trained in early childhood (0 to 12 years old); she will be able to offer you gentle, natural solutions to answer the difficulties encountered by our children.

A complete team of skilled professionals, at the service of a single synergy: your physical and emotional well-being!

Our Skills

Naturopathy is a multidisciplinary approach. Several natural solutions are available for you in the management of all the disorders that may be encountered in your daily life. Whether it is nutrition, micro-nutrition, phytotherapy or gemmo-therapy, floritherapy, trust the power of Nature. As a disorder rarely has a single cause, a comprehensive approach using all the tools at our disposal will often be necessary.


"Thank you for taking care of my immune system troubles. I feel much better! My white blood cells are back to normal."
Josyane D.
"I was followed for months for acne on my face. After three months of treatment, I have no more! The essential oils have been effective."
Rémy C.
"I was followed for hypertension and liver problems. My blood tests returned to normal levels and no more blood in my urine tests."
Marie-Ange F.

The certifications of our naturopaths

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