Cocooning massage
Relaxing, enveloping massage with warm oil for more relaxation and escape. It is based on Ayurvedic, Californian massage techniques….

Duration: 60min / Price: 70 €

Cocooning massage plus

This massage uses the principles of the Cocooning massage by incorporating points of pressure for more muscle relaxation.

Duration 75min / Price 85€

Healthcare massage
It is a massage totally adapted to the person receiving it. It is very complete both in its well-being and relaxation approach as well as in its effectiveness on muscle tension.

 Duration 90min / Price 100€

Side massage

Innovative in its posture during the massage in the fetal position, it offers extreme comfort, especially for the lower back. It combines the envelopment of Californian massage and the deep muscular work of Swedish massage.

Duration 75min / Price 85€

Pregnant woman massage

A real moment of happiness, the pregnant woman massage * combines total relaxation for both mother and baby. It acts on the muscular tensions related to pregnancy.

 Duration 75min / Price 85€

Children Massage

Duration 45min / Price 50€

* All our massages are for non-therapeutic purposes.