What is flower therapy?

It represents different ranges of flowers that restore psychophysical and emotional balance through flower essences and thus live our lives better. They are taken on an ad hoc basis and generally by cures.

The healthcare center offers treatments based on Bach flowers and Bush flowers.

Bach flowers

It was Doctor Edward Bach (1886-1936), a classically trained physician who invented these floral remedies based on flower petals or buds, mixing pure water and alcohol, finally bringing them to a boil or to prolonged exposure to the sun (solarization).

A past of scientific research and success lead to a solid notoriety of his care center in London.

"It is the patient who needs to be treated and not the disease"

There are 38 flowers grouped into seven families:


Fears, great insecurities (5)


Uncertainties, lack of confidence, pessimism (6)


Indifference of the present (7)


Solitude (3)


Hypersensitivity, jealousy (4)


Despair, (8)


Excessive pride (5)

Bush flowers

These flower essences were invented by Ian White; naturopath and homeopath. He was introduced, from an early age, to the vegetal and floral treasures of the Australian Bush.

They seduce by their atypical origin. With 69 essences, their composition is unique and their effects subtle. If you like Bach flowers, you will undoubtedly appreciate the flowers of the Bush! Less aerial and more terrestrial, the flowers of the Bush contain benefits adapted to the most contemporary issues. Discover these essences that act slowly but surely, on the body and the mind, like a meditation!

The Bush Flowers owe their name to an exceptional territory; it stretches over 800,000 square kilometers in South West Australia.

Characterized by an impressive biodiversity, the Australian Bush is an Eden of rare plants and flowers which, flourishing in a relatively unspoiled environment, contain great benefits for humans.

For the floral essences to provide all of their benefits, it is advisable to take 7 drops diluted in a glass of water, in the morning and in the evening, over cycles of two weeks.

Do not hesitate to consult your Naturopath, he will be able to guide you in your process.