DMOKA® Deprogramming by Eye Movements, Physiotherapy and Hearing) aims to deeply treat the emotional shocks and traumas that an individual may have suffered during their lifetime.

What is DMOKA®?
DMOKA® is a method of neuro-emotional deprogramming that allows to desensitize all emotional shocks, unresolved suffering, and / or traumatic, that the brain has stored in memory and which continue to have negative repercussions on our present. This approach developed by the orthoptist Pascale Chavance makes it possible to integrate / accept / free our mind of painful experiences such as aggression, violence, etc. to then set up new behaviors to regain better well-being and inner peace.

This method is an interesting alternative when the awareness of the initial shock and the expression of the trauma suffered did not allow the release of the suffering state. It can be used as a supplement to traditional psychological therapy. The operation of this tool is simple. The senses of the individual are stimulated to engage emotional memory. The objective is to bring the individual back to his original feelings so that he can subsequently definitively free himself from the symptoms linked to the trauma that handicaps him in his life. In other words, DMOKA® is used to deactivate “toxic” memories stored in the limbic brain, the seat of emotions and memory.

Who is DMOKA® for?
DMOKA® is for anyone in deep emotional pain, in a state of stress, depression, bereavement / mourning following the loss of a loved one, accident, aggression, phobias or even manifestations such as spasmophilia. , allergies… or rape. DMOKA® is also effective in the resolution of resentments, anger, guilt and other negative feelings and the treatment of inappropriate behaviors (depression, addiction, etc.) that generally accompany them. This approach is also indicated for people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) after severe shock.

How does a DMOKA® session take place?
Generally speaking, a DMOKA® session lasts 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. It is difficult to predict in advance how many sessions will be needed. It often varies from the issue to be addressed and the individual itself. The session begins with determining the goal to be achieved. It is the person himself who sets this goal starting from a negative situation that he wants to be healed or from a feeling of pain for him. Once the goal to be reached is well defined, that person evaluates the degree of intensity of their pain. Once the emotion causing the discomfort manifests itself, the practitioner proceeds to deprogramming. It consists of a quick tapping of the hands and oblique, vertical and horizontal eye movements. As soon as the individual feels that their level of discomfort reaches an almost zero degree of intensity, between 0 and 1, the reprogramming phase begins. Using slow tapping of the hands, and other types of slow eye movements. The practitioner helps the individual to reestablish his positive thoughts.

DMOKA® is a method that is taught exclusively by Pascale Chavance. As such, it advises you to ensure the qualification of any person presenting themselves under the name DMOKA®. Only the trainings given by Pascale Chavance are certified DMOKA® as well as the Professionals who practice the DMOKA®.

Duration 90min / Price 70€